Employment on release

Some ex-offenders are lucky and can return to their old jobs when they are released, but the vast majority have to find new employment. Disclosure of their criminal record (mandatory disclosure for some jobs, and if the question is asked by any potential employer the offence MUST be disclosed) make job hunting an uphill task.

If the offender lives in West Yorkshire real help is at hand! Contact Tempus Novo Click here and start the process of returning to stable employment.

Tempus Novo is an award-winning charity that works with serving prisoners and ex-offenders who want to change their lives by stopping the cycle of crime. This endless cycle has damaged the social fabric of this country while also costing the taxpayer several billion pounds every year.

Tempus Novo has a unique strength; it’s understanding and direct links into the British prison system. Founded in 2014 by two serving Prison Officers at HMP Leeds, Tempus Novo operates within the Prison to identify offenders committed to transforming their lives. Upon release, these prisoners continue to work with Tempus Novo to gain employment while also receiving hands on mentorship and support.

Tempus Novo work with a growing number of employers in and around Yorkshire who share the same vision and are more than willing to give these ex-offenders a second chance. Crucially, however, they do not ask that they provide employment as a gesture of good will, but instead are the right persons for the position. In 2014-15, more than 90 per cent of those who were interviewed were able to secure the position.

The Founders

Tempus Novo was founded by Steve Freer and Val Wawrosz. Between them, Steve and Val have over 50 years’ experience working with offenders in prisons throughout the country, most recently at HMP Leeds. They have a comprehensive understanding of Offender Management having overseen both Integrated Offender Management (IOM) units and Resettlement teams in Custodial settings.

Together with their President, former Cabinet minister and ex-offender Jonathan Aitken, along with their Trustees, Tempus Novo also enjoys a strong relationship with both ministers and officials at the Ministry of Justice and elsewhere inside Government.