Insiders at Court

If you are lucky you may be visited whilst in these holding cells by an existing serving prisoner from which ever prison you are being sent. The prisoner, usually called an INSIDER, is a trusted inmate and has had real experience of the position you are in. The INSIDER will talk to you about what the procedures are for the next week or so, and about life within the prison. They are not Samaritans but have been in the same situation as you and can understand what you are feeling. They will be able to answer some, if not all, of your questions about the prison you are going to, and any concerns you raise with them will be passed straight on to the correct people within the prison.

If you do not get a visit from an INSIDER you will be left very much on your own. The staff at the court are not prison officers but will be a private company who have the contract to move prisoners around the country. As in all walks of life, some of them are friendly and will answer reasonable questions, others are not at all helpful! They may give you an indication of when they will be moving you to the prison, otherwise all you can do is sit and wait.

First weeks in custody

You don't always get what you are entitled to unless you ask properly!

We can introduce you to  experienced  lawyers can help you with parole,  probation,  immigration, adjudications, visits and any other complaints  and disputes you have with the Prison Service.

The solicitors are all experts on how the Prison Service/Criminal Law  system works and will be able to provide to you the necessary advice and support to ensure you or your loved ones are treated fairly. These lawyers are "small enough to care about you, but big enough to fight for you"

and remember the old saying:

" A Man Who Is His Own Lawyer Has A Fool for a Client"

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