Your own clothing

When you can into prison you may have brought with you some limited amounts of your own clothing, but probably will want some more. There are strict limits on the type and number of articles of clothing you can wear and these will be set out on a facilities list which you can get from the office on your wing. There is, supposedly, a nationally agreed list but various prisons set out their own rules. The national list is limited to what can be kept, e.g. no more than 3 pairs of shoes including trainers, 9 outside tops but no football/rugby shirts etc and obviously excludes any item which could be deemed to offensive. The maximum amount of clothing is set out in PSI 30/2013, but each prison selects what they want from the list, so look at the pages on the specific prison for the latest details. The rules specify that clothes can only be brought into prison on 1 occasion, but some prisons take a more relaxed attitude than this, particularly during the first weeks of your sentence.

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