Assaults and Bullying

Assaults and violence do happen, so does bullying and intimidation.It is an unfortunate fact of prison life.

The prison is well aware of these incidents even if they don’t make the media, and actively work to reduce these and protect their prisoners. Most of the assaults come from disagreements about activities which are illegal themselves, and if you embark on lending or borrowing money, or trading goods and favours then you bring the problems upon yourself. If you are bullied or intimidated you can, and should, seek help from the wing staff who will help you resolve the issues, which could involve moving you or the other party to another wing within the prison, as well as action against the other person (s) involved.

Don’t be frightened, it is all too easy to pretend that these incidents occur regularly and everybody is involved; the vast majority of prisoners serve their time safely and without being subjected to threat or intimidation.

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