Prison Region 2023

Like most (all) public services the Prison Service undergoes changes and updates to its reporting structures. The latest iteration is shown below


Avon, South Dorset and Wiltshire


  Paul Woods
Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
The Verne David Bourne Portland Rob Luxford
Leyhill Steve Hodson Erlestoke Tim Knight
Bristol Vanessa Prendargast


Beds, Cambs & Norfolk   Gary Monaghan


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Wayland Ali Barker Norwich Declan Moore
Littlehey Olivia Phelps Bedford PJ Butler
Bure Simon Rhoden


Cumbia & Lancashire   John Illingsworth


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Lancaster Farms Pete Francis Haverigg Adam Connolly
Kirkham Alli Black Preston Dan Cooper
Wymott Graham Beck


Devon & North Dorset   Jeaninne Hendrick


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Dartmoor Steve Mead Channings Wood Huw Sullivan
Guys Marsh Ian Walters Exeter Richard Luscombe


East Midlands   Paul Cawkwell


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Whatton Caroline Vine North Sea Camp Colin Hussey
Leicester Jim Donaldson Morton Hall Karen Head
Lincoln Matt Spencer Onley Matthew Tilt



Greater Man, Mersey & Cheshire   Tim Allen


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Risley Adan Dobson Liverpool David McGurrell
Hindley Natalie McKee   Thorn Cross Richard Suttle
Buckey Hall Ribbie Dugan      


Herts, Essex Suffolk   Simon Cartwright


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Warren Hill Dave Nicholson Hollesley Bay David Daddow
Chelmsford Garry Newnes   Highpoint Nigel Smith
The Mount John Gormley      


Kent, Surrey & Sussex   James Lucas


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Elmley Andy Davy Maidstone Dawn Mauldon
Rochester Dean Gardiner Standford Hill Gary Price
Ford Graham Spencer Lewes Hannah Lane
Coldingley Niall Bryant


London   Ian Bickers


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Wormwood Scrubs Amy Frost High Down Emily Martin
Isis Emily Thomas Pentonville Ian Blakeman
Wandsworth Katie Price Brixton Fiona Merrifield


LTHSE   Gavin O’Malley/Will Styles


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Garth Andy Lund Gartree Babafeme Dada
Frankland Darren Finley Isle of Wight Dougie Graham
Full Sutton Gareth Sands Belmarsh Jenny Louis
Swaleside Mark Icke Woodhill Nicola Marfleet
Manchester Rob Knight Whitemoor Ruth Stephens
Long Lartin Steve Cross Wakefield Tom Wheatley


North East   Susan Howard


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Deerbolt Aled Edwards Durham Phil Husband
Kirklevington Grange Rebecca Newby Holme House Sean Ormerod


North Midlands   Mark Livingston


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Ranby Andy Sleight Sudbury Craig Smith
Nottingham Paul Yates Stocken Russ Truman


Privately Managed Prisons   Neil Richards


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Thameside David Bamford Peterborough (M&F) Ian Whiteside
Doncaster John Hewitson Five Wells John McLaughlin
Bronzefield Jonathan French Forest Bank
Dovegate Mark Hanson Ashfield Martin Jones
Lowdham Grange Martin Booth Ashfield Martin Jones
Rye Hill Pater Small Northumberland Samantha Pariser
Oakwood Sean Oliver Altcourse Steve Williams


South Central   Andy Lattimore


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Grendon & Spring Hill Becky Hayward Huntercombe David Redhouse
Winchester James Bourke Bullingdon Laura Sapwell
Aylesbury Mark Allen


Wales   Andy Lattimore


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Cardiff Amanda Corrigan Swansea Chris Simpson
Parc Janet Wallsgrove Berwyn Nick Leader
Usk & Precoed Rob Denman


West Midlands   Teresa Clarke


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Stafford Ian West Stoke Heath John Huntington
Featherstone Laura Whitehurst Swinfen Hall Mark Greenhaf
Birmingham Paul Newton Hewell Ralph Lubkowski


Women   Pia Sinha


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Askham Grange Julie Spence Downview Amy Dixon
East Sutton Park Amy Dixon Drake Hall Carl Hardwick
Foston Hall Helen Clayton-Hoar New Hall Julie Spence
Low Newton Rob Young Eastwood Park Zoe Short


Yorkshire   Helen Judge


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Wealstun Diane Lewis Moorland Jennifer Willis
Humber Marcelle Giligher Hatfield Mick Mills
Lindholme Rob Kellett Hull Shaun Mycroft
Leeds Simon Walter


Young People   Heather Whitehead


Prison #1 Governor   Prison #1 Governor
Cookham Wood Darren Wilkinson Oakhill Michelle Price
Feltham ( A & B) Natasha Wilson Wetherby Pete Gormley
Werrington Simon Drysdale


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