Drugs are a major problem within prisons.

For those who were drug users prior to being sent to prison an enormous amount of effort is put in by the prison system to help those individuals become drug free. This will include drug counselling, provision of alternative medication on a slowly reducing scale, group therapy sessions etc etc but despite these efforts drugs are rife within the prison system. The drugs are brought into the prison during visits, by post, by “throwing a package over the fence” or on very rare occasions by corrupt prison employees. The traditional class A and B drugs are used,  along with the “designer drugs” such as Mamba. Alcohol is also illicitly brewed (called Hooch) from a variety of products such as apples, oranges, and bread. While you are in prison you will undergo regular drug tests called Voluntary Drug Tests and Mandatory Drugs Test. You will be expected to take a VDT once a month as part of your “good behaviour” compact with the prison and on occasion you may be called upon for a MDT. The choice for individuals for a MDT is random, unless the prison has information that the person is using drugs. If you fail a drug test you will find that your IEP status could be affected, and depending on the circumstances other sanctions could be taken against you. If you refuse to take a MDT, or fail to turn up at the appointed time to take the test, this will be treated as a “nickable” offence under the IEP scheme, with all the problems that can bring.

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