Phone Credit

During your first week or so in prison you may need to have money put onto your phone credit and it is to your personal officer that you make the approach to obtain these. If your request is reasonable, and they can see that you have money in your account in the prison to pay for them, they usually help but, as in all things in prison and life, if you have been a problem to them they will not be so  sympathetic

You will be issued with a phone PIN number in the first couple of days. This PIN number allows you to make call to both landline and mobile numbers and you put phone credit on weekly as needed when completing your canteen sheet. Before you can call a number you must have it added to your “allowed” list of number and this is done by completing a simple form and handing it into the office on your wing. There are restrictions on what numbers are allowable on your phone list, 0800 type numbers which allow you to call them free and then transfer to another number are not allowed and won’t be sanctioned. Call rates in prison are not cheap, especially to mobile numbers.

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