The food which will be given in prison is prepared by the prisoners who work in the kitchens. It is provided on a tight budget, and the quality of the food reflects this. You may not particularly enjoy the food in prison, but it is a balanced diet and fulfils its purpose!

Each day breakfast will be the same and is often handed out the night before for you to eat in your cell before unlocking at 8am. Tea and coffee packs are provided, along with a small carton of milk to make drinks. A kettle will be provided in your cell. Lunch and dinner either a cold or hot meal, never 2 cold meals on the same day, and you will be provided with a limited choice which you complete at the start of each week. As a new prisoner you will be served last and given a more limited choice until you have submitted your weekly menu choice. If you have dietary or religious preferences the menu’s provided will cater for this.

If you are in prison at Christmas the kitchen staff do try to prepare festive meals, and special arrangements are made for you if your religious convictions demand for example a day light hour fast.

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