What family and friends can do to help the prisoner

Being in prison is a very unpleasant experience for the vast majority of prisoners. It is an alien environment: dirty, noisy and frightening. It is also be a very lonely existence being separated from family and friends. Nobody claims that it is easy for the innocent wives, husbands, partners, children, family and friends who remain on the outside of the walls, but at least they still have their familiar surroundings as comfort.

Those who are in prison worry that their family won’t be able to cope without them on a financial and practical level. If one partner has done all the cooking, and the other all the gardening something is going to suffer if one of the partners are there. History has shown that those left on the outside invariably survive, but this truth is little comfort to those who are going through the pain of separation. At times the mantra of “think and act positive” has a hollow ring.

Many relationships break down while one partner is in prison. This web site doesn’t pretend to have the answers, or even the questions, which must be addressed between those involved. There are many excellent organisations who will be able to provide help and guidance such as Relate, or the Samaritans, but these issues are way beyond the scope of this web site.

There is will be an “At Risk” telephone hotline available for visitors, families or friends of prisoners. This can be used to contact and inform staff at the prison if you believe that a prisoner may be at risk of harm, be it self harm, harm from others of harm to others.


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