Leave a Message

The prison service has introduced a new system which makes it easier for family and friends to stay in contact with those in prison called PRISONVOICEMAIL.  Like all good ideas it is really simple.

The family member joins the scheme, which has various “levels” of fee depending in how often the system is used. They can then call a special number and leave a voicemail for the prisoner. The prisoner can pick up the voicemail from the phones in the prison, listen to the message, and then leave a reply. When a reply has been left the friend/family member gets a notification from the system and THEY can then dial in ,listen to the message and leave a new message.

Once the friend or family member has registered with the system, all the set up work with the prison is done for them. The system is active at the majority of prisons. To contact the company providing this service to register click here  www.prisonvoicemail.com.