General Details, HMP Frankland

The prison is run by HMPS  and is part of the High Security Estate. It is has a capacity of 852 and the #1 governor is Gavin O’Malley, who has been in charge since April 2018. Built just over 40 years ago on the outskirts of Durham, the prison hold high and standard risk Cat A prisoners and Cat B’s.


  • A, B, C and D wings – the original wings, each holding 108 vulnerable prisoners:
    • A wing holds enhanced-status prisoners
    • B1 landing holds older prisoners and those with disabilitiesD1 is for induction.
  • F, G and J wings – the newer wings, holding non-vulnerable prisoners:
    • F wing has 120 places
    • G wing has 88 places (including 18 beds on G4 for prisoners over 50)
    • J wing has 120 places.
  • Westgate unit – commissioned jointly by the NHS and HMPPS, Westgate has four units with a total of 86 places: unit one: psychologically informed planned environment (PIPE)unit two:  induction for Westgate and pilot progression unit for prisoners leaving segregation units three and four:  treat prisoners with complex personality presentation.
  • Health care – nine places
  • Management and progression (segregation) unit – 28 places.

The prison also contained a separation unit to hold prisoners who present risks to national security that cannot be managed adequately on mainstream location.

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