HMP Leicester, Work and education

The Learning and Skills accommodation has recently been developed and configured, now comprising of eight classrooms within the first two stories of a three story building. In addition to this, there is a dedicated classroom to accommodate Vulnerable Prisoners and the prison can provide education to those who are unable to access main education due to disabilities etc. In total, the prison are able to offer 120 FT equivalent spaces delivering employability, vocational and functional skills qualifications. The education contractor is Milton Keynes College and timetabled sessions are run Monday to Friday 08:05 – 11:15 & 13:05 – 16:00 (no education provision on Friday afternoons, evenings or on bank holidays).

Employment at the prison is based around either education or the usual array of orderly jobs such as  kitchen, domestic cleaners, clothing Exchange Party and the waste management party. There are opportunities allowing  prisoners to develop mentoring skills, in particular prisoners play an important role  within the Substance Misuse Unit. Orderlies also have key prisoner tasks within the establishment, e.g assisting with the delivery of the induction programme.

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