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The information here has been provided to give you a better insight about what is happening around the prison to give you any news which will help. This news has been collected from various sources and has not been censored or altered in any way. DoingTime does not endorse, or dispute, any of the contents….its up to you to form your own opinions!

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5 thoughts on “Local news, HMP Wayland”

  1. This prison is corrupt my 2 sons are being bullied by staff and terrorised by the governor’s they have been put in segregation with no phone no tv no clothes etc they have been making bad comments I’m contacted papers

  2. Before I had my legal problems I was drugged & abused by prison officers out on a Saturday night in Shoreditch, they were from HMP Wayland, at the time they did not know I recognized them. They gave me spice and filmed me while putting though various harrowing experiences, such as mock executions. When they found out that I knew who they were and prison officers, things got very nasty and I was threatened with a knife after being kidnapped and stripped naked. Worse was to come when I was convicted and sentenced for a crime in which the weapon was supplied by those officers, it was not a coincidence that I was sent to HMP Wayland, where I was again assaulted and on a few occasions taken from my cell at 2am put through an ordeal I can’t talk about easily. A lot of other officers know about this as it was a passed around as a video file, even officers at HMP Pentonville knew and HMP Brixton.
    My name is Rxxxxx Kxxxx Axxxxx
    [email protected]
    If you have the courage to find out the truth about what they did, Email me.
    I am still trying to find someone to help me deal with this situation, possibly the prison ombudsman service, I won’t quit

    • DoingTime has no connection with HMPPS, it merely tries to give factual and unbiased information to those affected by crime and the criminal justice system
      The allegations you make are very serious and involve criminal activity, and DoingTime cannot advise you how best to proceed or act on your behalf. We believe your best course of action would be to engage a solicitor to offer you advice and to act on your behalf. This will inevitably involve the Police, and senior officials within the Ministry of Justice.


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