Prison Rules and Regulations

As you would expect for a service which has been running for so long, the rules and regulations are legion!

Up until 2009 the service was regulated by 2 different types of rules, Prison Service Orders (PSOs) and Prison Service Instructions (PSIs) . PSO didn’t have an “expiry” date  and remained in force until withdrawn, and PSI had an “expiry” date of a maximum of 12 months from issue. Since 2009 only PSIs have been issued but these have expiry dates which can be greater than 12 months. This means that the service is now regulated by PSOs issued before 2009 which haven’t been withdrawn or amended, and PSI’s issued after 2009 which haven’t yet “expired”!

All of these PSI/PSO documents are available on the Ministry Of Justice web site, including an archive of those no longer in force, but we have included below links to those PSOs which are still in force, along with links to PSI’s issued since 2009

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